Want to pay less tax? Hire a certified tax accountant.

We believe that tax is a good thing, because it pays for the kind of society that we’d all like to live in. A strong society creates business opportunities, too. But why pay more tax than you need? It’s time to pay less tax to grow your business. Whether you’re self-employed, part of a partnership or a director of a company, tax issues can be complex, and you may be missing tax relief opportunities. If you pay tax, a certified tax accountant can help you and your small business in so many ways – including claiming a tax refund.

Here’s why you should consider hiring a certified tax accountant:

You’ll save time preparing tax returns

Preparing your own tax returns or doing your own annual financial reporting can be stressful and complex – and of course, there are penalties for missing the tax return submission deadlines, or getting your tax liability wrong. Hire a certified tax accountant to complete your tax returns and you’ve just given yourself more headspace. No more last minute rush, no more niggling worries that you might have made an error – or that you’ve missed an opportunity to save money. You can rely on your accountant’s expertise to make sure that your annual financial reporting is accurate and timely.

Tax refund, anyone?

Often, when you hire a certified tax accountant, one of the first nice surprises you receive is a tax rebate. This is because a good tax accountant will review your business and your previous tax returns to make sure that you’ve not overpaid tax. And if you have, they’ll claim a tax refund for you. And of course, now your accountant has corrected your tax position, you’ll be paying less tax in the future, too. That’s put a smile on your face!

Getting your tax right – let’s look at tax relief

A certified tax accountant will do more than just your tax returns. They’ll check every aspect of your business and identify actions you can take to reduce your tax bill. Is your business classification correct? Have you maximized your deductions? Are you using the right VAT scheme? If you want to stop tax leakage, bring in a specialist.

Untangling knotty tax issues

When you’re a small business owner dealing with daily emergencies, it’s easy to push tax issues to one side. But tax problems can easily gain momentum. Perhaps you’re behind on your filing, or HMRC are disputing your figures – or maybe your business has been selected for audit and your accounts are a mess.

In this situation, the services of a local certified tax accountant are vital to help you untangle your tax situation. A good tax specialist knows the UK tax system inside out, so if you’re in dispute with HMRC, they can help resolve the issue quickly and effectively.

Tax planning advice

Whether you’re looking to grow your business, restructure a partnership or are thinking of selling (or buying) a capital asset, there are tax implications. Rather than be a headache, it’s a good opportunity to structure your tax affairs so that your business gets the best outcome possible. A certified tax accountant will make sure that this happens, and they’ll get you a tax rebate, if it’s due.

A certified tax accountant can make life easier for you and your business every day of the year – not just at tax return time!

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Got a question? We’ll answer it

  • 1) Am I entitled to a tax rebate?
  • 2) Do I need to complete a self-assessment form?
  • 3) What business expenses can I claim?
  • 4) I’m thinking of employing someone. What do I do about tax?
  • 5) Will I be fined if my tax return is late?
  • 6) Are there any new tax rules that will affect me?
  • 7) Do I need to pay capital gains tax?
  • 8) How can I reduce my tax payments?
  • 9) Can I pay my tax bill on account?
  • 10) Can I apportion my mortgage costs for business use?

Looking for tax relief? What you can expect from a tax relief service

When you hire a great certified tax accountant, the first thing they’ll do is review your business thoroughly to assess your tax situation. Even if you’re confident with business tax, your tax accountant is a specialist so they’ll use their expertise to track down things you might have missed. For instance, they’ll look for areas of your business where you might have overpaid tax and are due a tax refund, and they’ll check how you operate to make sure that you’re taking advantage of any tax relief that’s available to your business.

What a certified tax accountant will look for

Your tax adviser will be expert in at least the Big 5: National Insurance Contributions, income tax, corporation tax, VAT and business rates. For each of these, they’ll check that you’re not overpaying, and they’ll make sure you’re taking advantage of all the tax reduction schemes that are available to your business, such as:

Apportionment of business/private expenses

Many businesses like yours overpay tax each year because they’re not claiming a legitimate tax deduction. For instance, businesses can usually claim on expenditure that’s partially for their business and partially personal, such as accommodation costs, council tax and utilities. You can deduct the “business” side of these expenses from your turnover, to calculate your profit. A certified tax accountant will check for apportionment possibilities and then, using a reasonable formula, calculate what’s due to you. Claims for overpaid tax can be backdated, which might add up to a nice little package!

Unclaimed tax deductions on business expenses

Expenses that are wholly, exclusively and necessarily incurred for your business are tax deductible – so a certified tax accountant will check that these eligible business expenses are included in your tax calculations. You may already know that office equipment, computers, your PR specialist and business mileage are legitimate business expenses for your tax calculations, but did you know that professional memberships, Christmas parties, training courses, insurance, and bank loan interest can also be tax deductible? Your tax specialist will assess and optimise your expenses so you’re paying less tax.

Save on start-up

If you’re new to business, tax is probably low down on your list of priorities. Here is where a good tax service can help you pay less tax and keep paying less tax. There are a number of tax relief schemes on set up costs and in early years’ trading that can help keep your cash flow healthy. Your certified tax accountant will, for example, check if you’re eligible for Early Trade Loss Relief, and will calculate the reclaimable VAT (input tax) on your pre-VAT registration set-up costs.

Government allowances

Are you aware of the government allowances that can save you money? Your tax accountant is. You could be eligible for corporation tax marginal relief, small business relief rate, capital allowances and a host of other tax-busting schemes.

So, who does the paperwork? Your certified tax accountant

After your tax adviser has assessed your situation, you’ll most likely be due a tax rebate or tax relief on some of your business activities. But this doesn’t mean it’s up to you to contact HMRC and start the process of claiming. A great certified tax accountant will do the heavy lifting for you – completing the right documents, gathering together the evidence and dealing with HMRC on your behalf, while you get on with running your business. If you’re not a tax specialist, then it makes business sense to hire one. And if you choose a certified tax accountant that also offers annual financial reporting services, you’ll save even more time and money.