We believe that business has a responsibility to give back to society.

All about your charitable donation

IKCA is a UK-registered charity that helps the world’s poorest people beat cancer. It’s our chosen charity and we donate a percentage of our turnover to it. If you’d like to donate, too, then don’t forget that giving to charity as a business has some perks!
If you’re self employed, you can Gift Aid your donation, so that the IKFA can claim back tax on your donation direct from HMRC  - in effect, you’re boosting your contribution without paying extra!
Limited companies’ donations are deducted out of gross profits,so no Gift Aid declaration is necessary.  If the donation is an allowable expense for tax purposes (conditions apply - ask us!), your Corporation Tax bill will be reduced by 20% of the donation. Don’t forget to keep the paperwork to show the donation!. There are some conditions to ensuring that charitable donations are allowable expenses for tax purposes.

Believe in Miracles

We’re so lucky in the UK. We have the NHS, and if we are unlucky enough to get cancer, we receive the right treatment. And it doesn’t matter whether we’re rich or poor. But in Pakistan, some people aren’t so lucky. But the IKCA fund skilled staff, dedicated volunteers and the right technology to be a safety net for thousands of cancer sufferers, people who would otherwise die without treatment. The IKCA helps families to get their lives back. Please take a look at the amazing work this charity does and donate directly. click here.